Custom Club Fittings

Fitting You With the Right Clubs

At Golf Etc. Fort Myers, we provide performance club fittings and full service repairs. If you’re looking to take some strokes off your game, then getting a club fitting is just what you need. The key to success is selecting the right clubs, and we use the latest in technology to ensure you are playing the right equipment for your game.

Custom Golf Club Fitting | Golf Etc. Fort Myers

Better Golf…Faster®

At Golf etc., we believe that three things are required to dramatically improve or transform your game:

  1. the right equipment for your swing and game objectives
  2. proper swing technique
  3. practice

Because taking lessons and practicing takes a more substantial amount of time, equipment that is fitted to your natural swing can help you play better golf almost immediately. Whether you are a beginner or just trying to get better, we can help you play better… FASTER!

Fitting You With the Right Clubs

At Golf Etc., we take a different approach. We firmly believe that a golf shop’s recommendations shouldn’t be based on quotas, incentives or personal preferences. Instead, the right club is the one that fits your unique golf game.

Using our proprietary Better Golf Faster software system and the latest simulator and launch monitor technology, including the Foresight GC2 launch monitor, we develop an accurate profile of your specific abilities and tendencies.

Critical information such as spin rate, launch angle, club head speed, ball speed, angle of attack, and other information is captured and analyzed. A complete evaluation of this data is used to dial in the best combination of club shaft, head, and grip to fit your unique swing.

Each club will be built to exact frequency (flex), swing weight, length, loft, lie and grip size. In addition, each shaft will be spine aligned and FLO’d (flat line oscillation) to ensure the tightest shot dispersion. Upon completion you will own golf clubs that are perfectly matched, not only throughout the set, but also to your individual swing characteristics resulting in:

  • Better Accuracy
  • Improved Consistency
  • Increased Distance
  • Enhanced Feel
  • More Confidence
  • Lower Scores

Fitting Options & Pricing

Added CostsAny equipment required (shafts, grips, ferrules, etc.) to adjust or build your custom-fit clubs will be added to the price of the fitting.

Full Bag Fitting – approximately 3-5 hours: $175

Ideally, your set of clubs are consistent (flex, length, weight progression, loft/lie) and match your swing, but chances are your set of clubs was acquired from 4-5 separate purchases. This fitting level ensures that your entire set of clubs are properly fit and frequency matched to your unique swing.

*** Free Fitting w/purchase of custom built set of Clubs / $50 w/purchase of custom ordered set of Clubs ***

Driver & Fairway Fitting – approximately 1-2 hours: $100

If you wanted to custom fit just one club in your bag, make sure the Driver is set up to fit your swing. Since this club is likely the biggest investment in your bag – let’s make sure it is set up to perform for you! This fitting will focus on the optimum combination of shaft, head and loft to bring you increased distance, improved launch angle as well as more consistent performance.

*** Free Fitting w/purchase of custom built Driver / $25 w/purchase of custom ordered Driver ***

Iron & Hybrid Fitting – approximately 1-2 hours: $100

Distance control and tight shot dispersion are the goals with your iron and hybrid play. This fitting will focus on these aspects by ensuring the best shaft fit, lie angles and loft/gaps for your iron/hybrid set.

*** Free Fitting w/purchase of custom built set of Irons / $25 w/purchase of custom ordered set of Irons ***

Putter Fitting – approximately 15-30 minutes: $25

The ability to make a proper and repeatable putting stroke along the intended line starts with having a putter that is right for you. With this fitting we identify and recommend the length of the putter, type of putter, loft and lie angle of the putter and help you with your alignment.

*** Free Fitting w/purchase of Putter ***

Golf Ball Fitting – approximately 15-30 minutes: $25

The best golf ball for your game cannot be found from a TV commercial, magazine ad, web site or with a ball retriever. The best way is to conduct your own test in our fitting bay. This will provide you with real data on back spin, side spin, and ball speed and carry distance. In 15-30 minutes we can test your top 5 ball choices and provide you confidence on the best ball for you.

GPA – Game Performance Analysis – 1-2 Hour: $75

Are you cheating yourself out of a better score? Through an in-depth analysis of your current equipment (including extensive launch analysis), we will pinpoint any areas where we can help.  This service will outline some opportunities for improvement, including adjustments that can be made to your current set. We will evaluate all aspects of the equipment itself, from loft, lie, length, frequency, swing weights and grip size – to make sure we provide you with ultimate equipment for your game.  At the end of the GPA you will also be provided a GAP analysis for your existing set of Clubs

Fitting is guaranteed!!

Lifetime Fitting:  Any future purchases from us will be adjusted to your High Tech Performance Fitting!  

Do I need to have my clubs custom fitted?

“The higher the handicap, the more necessary it is for that player to get fit,”

says Bob Van Sweden, TaylorMade’s 2009 national clubfitter of the year.

Our goal is to put the right, fitted clubs in every golfer’s hands.

Golf Etc. Fort Myers

We Fit Your Game.